Alconchel fails to achieve a victory

Last Sunday, October 3, the third day of the season was played against the AD Hispanolusa Fibraclima team that played for the first time in Alconchel and that, despite the fact that the locals had the advantage of being camped in what they call ‘The Rock’ -due to the hardness of the playing field-, they were defeated by the people from Badajoz (1 -2) in a very contested match with many chances.

Now that the start of the hunting season is approaching, some players from Alconchel’s Absoluta team may have a little more luck in the hunting sport than scoring goals in the land of ‘La Gavina’.

At the request of the local team to the Club’s board, this day was played in the afternoon, something that meant that the local fans were not seen on the football field like other Sunday mornings. Far from serving as an incentive, not even the time change stimulated them on the field, since from the beginning the visiting team warned that they were not going to give up and that they were going to fight for the three points. The first goal, early (in the 9th minute), was the first warning.

In an even game, in which the work of the local goalkeeper also stood out, Alconchel managed to equalize the score with a goal from Fran Núñez (minute 40), before the break.

In the second half there were several chances to come back, but the tension increased in the final minutes, when there were plays that the referee sanctioned with yellow cards, even giving the visitor a red card. Javier Quiles.

When everything seemed like it was going to be a draw and that Alconchel could boast of having defended the square with dignity, the last goal arrived: the Juan Santos own goal that gave victory to the people of Badajoz in extremis.

Moreno Penguicha’s men showed that, despite the enthusiasm and effort in the preseason, they still have a lot to prove on the field. And, regardless of what it may seem to you, the Alconchel Football Club is something more than its group of players, where there is a human team that will support and accompany them regardless of the results, with a fan base (with season tickets or no) that they deserve to also be able to enjoy football matches on Sunday mornings, as has been common in the last decade.

Alconchel fails to achieve a victory

Daniel Sánchez Mata, flanked by Juvenil coach David Piñana, and the acting president of the Alconchel Football Club, Manuel Piñana.


Alconchel fails to achieve a victory

Visit of Dani Sánchez

Among the audience last Sunday at the game, there was Daniel Sánchez Mata, a coach from Barcarrot who became coach of Alconchel a few years ago. Sánchez Mata was part of the Badajoz structure as coach of the National League youth team in 2010 where he remained for one season before leading Oliva in the Regional Preferente. In 2021 he took the reins of the First National Women’s Badajoz.

Daniel Sánchez Mata (1972), who signs for one season, has been director of the Extremadura Federation Coaching School for several years, where he also served as a teacher and collaborated in helping the Extremadura women’s team. He has also been director of the Coaching School of the Extremadura Football Federation for several years, where he also served as a teacher and collaborated in helping the Extremadura women’s team.


Alexander Murillo; Augustine Perianes; Joel Peñaranda (David Nunez, 46′); Jaime A. Galan (Alvaro Macedo, 65′); Diego Moreno; Rafael Rubio (Jaime Nisa, 46′); Alvaro Carrasco; Antonio Moreno; Lamine Sane; Manuel Murillo, Alvaro Vega (79′).




Edgar Martin; Víctor Gallardo (Fran Gracia, 86′); Javi López; Juan Santos; M. Ángel Casas (Alberto López, 25′); Jesús López (Fabio Torrescusa, 53′); Fran Núñez; Roberto Marin; Cristian González (Roberto Cordón, 86′); JJ Torrado; Samuel Torrado (Antonio Morilla, 86′).

  • SIPS: 0-1, Antonio Moreno (minute 9); 1-1, Fran Núñez (minute 40); 1-2, Juan Santos (90th minute).

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