Alconchel falls at home against Obandina (1-5)

On November 19, the eighth day of the season was played at the ‘La Gavina’ municipal soccer field in which the Absoluta del Alconchel team received AD Obandina, from Puebla de Obando, a strong rival that occupied second position. on the leaderboard.

It was a special meeting, since despite the threat of rain and cold, many fans, both local and visiting, attended, since Alconchel and Puebla de Obando have a close bond through the Ramallo Casquero brothers, descendants of the town. In fact, Mariano Ramallo, even with many family ties in Alconchel, had been thinking about this match for days. “We are very happy to return to Alconchel and see our team play in ‘La Gavina’, since our passion for football unites us,” this Obandino fan, who also has a direct connection with the directors of Club de Fútbol, ​​explained to HOY Alconchel. Alconchel, whom he advises and tells how they organize themselves in Puebla de Obando.

The match began with those from Alconchel fighting for each other, knowing that the visitor was a strong rival. Possession of the ball was even throughout practically the entire first half and in the 34th minute came Alconchel’s first goal thanks to Marcos Méndez, who had just joined the squad this season. The goal was widely celebrated, as there was hope of being able to work a miracle that afternoon, but the joy did not last long among the locals, because a minute later Puebla de Obando conceded another, followed by another goal in the 44th minute to close the game. first half with a 1-2 in favor of the visitors.

In the cantina Mariano Ramallo assured that those from Obandina were aware that Alconchel grew in the land of ‘La Gavina’. “We have told them that it is not good to trust each other,” he explained. And after the break they proved to be superior as well as magnanimous, conceding three more goals (minutes 48, 57 and 76) that ended the match at 1-5, in which Alconchel also played a creditable game, but without any chances.


Enrique Arroyo (Edgar Martín, minute 74), Víctor M. Gallardo, Francisco Gracia (Alberto M. López, minute 57), Javier López, Francisco Barahona, Samuel Pinilla, Miguel Á. Casas (José A. Honorato, minute 67), Roberto Marín, Cristian González, Antonio Morilla (Samuel Torrado, minute 57) and Marcos Méndez (Adrián Gudiño, minute 67).




Víctor M. Segador, Pablo García (Manuel Cebrino, minute 69), Adrián Cruz, Francisco J. Parra, Mario A. Ávila (Miguel Á. Martín, minute 61), Carlos D. Sánchez (Juan F. Polo, minute 67) , Jesús Hisado, Borja Prior (Borja Jaén, minute 57), Victorino Melitón (Fernando Jaén, minute 65), Daniel Frutos and Fernando Melitón.

    Víctor Manuel Peinado, assisted by Carlos Botello García and Jorge Prieto Gallardo. Locals Roberto Marín (43rd minute) and Cristian González (81st minute) were shown a yellow card.

  • GOALS:
    1-0, Marcos Méndez (minute 34); 1-1, Carlos D. Sánchez (minute 35); 1-2, Victorino Melitón (minute 44); 1-3, Victorino Melitón (minute 48); 1-4, Victorino Melitón (minute 57); 1-5, Borja Jaén (minute 76).

    Municipal Football Field ‘La Gavina’ in Alconchel, dirt. 100 spectators, despite the inclement weather.

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