Alconchel’s bittersweet draw against Obandina, and a tangana ending

The score was finally 3-3 at the ‘Cristian Barroso’ Municipal Field in Puebla de Obando on the sixth day, last Sunday, October 22. A day that players and fans of the Alconchel Football Club and the host team, AD Obandina, will not forget.

It was not easy for Alconchel to come back from Obandina, who went ahead from the first goal scored in the 5th minute by Francisco J. Parra. The first half was very monotonous, but not before the home side scored their second goal in the 27th minute by Ismael Melitón and missed a penalty in the 34th by Fernando Jaén Vadillo, arriving at half-time with a 2-0 lead that required Alconchel’s team to reflect on the goals. locker rooms and plan the second half to try to reverse the situation.

By then the referee team had already shown three yellow cards in the match, two to Obandina and one to Alconchel. In the 20th minute, the local Pablo Barahona, for tripping an opponent in the dispute for the ball, cutting off a promising attack. In the 43rd minute, to the local José Manuel Calvo, for recklessly kicking an opponent while the ball was in play. And in the 44th minute, to alconchelero Juan José Torrado, for holding down an opponent, preventing his progress.

After the break, Alconchel grew and showed on the field that they were not willing to give Obandina a victory. This was the case after the goal in the 64th minute by Sergio Domínguez ‘El Mella’, who with bullfighting raised Alconchel’s morale. The joy of the visitors did not last long, because in the 68th minute local Ricardo J. Rebollo scored the third goal. But Alconchel reacted and a minute later Manuel Nogales scored 3-2, which would once again close the gap and make people dream of a possible victory.

Perhaps due to overconfidence, it was perceived on the field that the locals were beginning to despair and lose their nerve, because in just a quarter of an hour into the game a miracle could occur for Alconchel and a debacle for Obandina.

The referee gave several more yellow cards for the aforementioned usual incidents. Three went to Obandina: Raúl Vega (76th minute), Fernando Jaén (78th minute) and Ricardo J. Rebollo (88th minute); and three others for Alconchel: Cristian González (minute 66), Samuel Torrado (minute 73) and Roberto Marín (minute 79).

In the throes of the match (90th minute) the tying goal came from the hand of Jesús González, with Alconchel celebrating that the match could end in a draw, and even with a victory in stoppage time.

But the visitor’s euphoria translated into the anger of some Obandina players who caused a brawl with attacks on Alconchel players who have required medical assistance for serious injuries that will even require surgical intervention, according to reports from the Alconchel Football Club.

The referee ended the game in the second minute of stoppage time and law enforcement officers went to the soccer field to prevent the situation from escalating.

TODAY Alconchel has contacted the Alconchel Football Club, who have provided it with minutes and reports with which it will report on the situation in which the Alconchel players have been attacked and who have had to need medical assistance.

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