Alconchel’s youth team suffers its third consecutive defeat

Last Saturday, October 15, the Alconchelera fans once again experienced another afternoon of football at ‘La Gavina’, this time on the fourth day of the Extremadura Juvenil Second Division, in which the local team received the Espanyol de Badajoz Football School ‘A’ in the fight for the three points.

Alconchel came with two consecutive defeats and only one victory at home, that of the first day, and needed those three points like water in May, with the intention of straightening the streak and returning, at least, to the middle of the qualifying table .

Those of David Piñana, because in the 11th minute came the visiting team’s first and only goal, which made them fear that victory was not going to be so easy. At first glance, a conscientiously thought out lineup based on last week’s training sessions perhaps made the team weak in the land of ‘La Gavina’ and made it difficult for them to fight, at least, for a draw in the match.

The second half began with the same players as from the beginning, and it was from the first quarter of an hour into the second half that the coach began to request substitutions to gradually introduce the rest of the players called up. Despite all this, the rest of the match was very difficult for the locals, lacking concentration and cohesion to overcome the 0-1 scoreline that ended the match.

There is still a lot of season left, but for Alconchel it is necessary to redirect the situation in the locker room to avoid continuing to repeat defeats. On October 22, they are scheduled to face Olivenza, who have not yet managed to win a victory so far this season, but the Alconchel coaching staff has already warned that it is not good to get complacent.


Iván Sola, Francisco Barahona, José Manuel Periáñez, Guillermo Gila (Nicolás Cruz, minute 85), Marcos Viniegra (Marcos Viniegra, minute 59), Daniel Sierra, Francisco J. Novoa (Germán Pérez, minute 74), Samuel Pinilla, Nicolás Santos (Eric Salgado, minute 74), Samuel Martínez (Samuel Falero, minute 59) and Aarón Torrado.




Carlos Merchan, Roman de la Iglesia, Javier Visea (Alberto Padilla, 76th minute), Adrian Mendez, Miguel A. Gonzalez (Rodrigo Jaramillo, 22nd minute), Alvaro Viegas (Iñaki Rodriguez, 74th minute), Adrian Cabanillas (Marcos Perez, minute). 80), Antonio Pecero (Rafael Cuellar, 57th minute), Juan C. Garcia, Oscar Casasaltas and Paul Ambrose.

  • GOALS:
    0-1, Óscar Casasaltas (11th minute).

    Alicia Galán Cayado, who yellow carded the locals Daniel Sierra (78th minute) and Nicolás Cruz (88th minute), and the visitor Rafael Cuéllar (88th minute).

    ‘La Gavina’ Municipal Football Field, dirt, in Alconchel. 100 spectators.

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