CAPEX shone in Antequera in a historic final with two CAPEX athletes

CAPEX shone in Antequera in a historic final with two CAPEX athletes

Thursday, February 9, 2023, 00:38

During this weekend of February 4 and 5, the Andalusian Athletics Training Center in Antequera (Málaga) hosted the Spanish Under 23 Indoor Championship, the second in importance at an individual level after the Absolute Championship.

With a very important representation and presence of CAPEX athletes, on this occasion eight, another historic milestone was reached in the life of the club, such as having two CAPEX athletes in an 800 m final with only six finalists: David Barroso, with a fourth position, and Raúl Villalonga, in sixth place.

Regarding the rest of the Honor Division men’s team, highlight: In the pole vault event, Diego Rosalén achieved sixth place. In 1500 m, returning to a Spanish Championship, Manuel Ridruejo achieved thirteenth position. Another finalist, wearing the team’s colors for the first time, was Gonzalo Sabín, fifth, in the 60 m hurdles. And closing the participation of the Honor Division men’s team, Pablo González reached 25th place in the 60 m dash.

As for the First Division women’s team, Ana Yagüe reached 21st position in the 60 m hurdles and Bere Tabares reached 25th position in the 60 m dash. Both athletes wore the CAPEX colors for the first time when they arrived at the club this season with the aim of maintaining the category thanks to their high level.

The team’s participation in Antequera is positive, without the brilliance of the medals, which will surely come, but with our sights set on advancing and progressing the season in view of the rest of the important competitions that are coming, according to the CAPEX sports director. , José Ángel Rama, who was supporting the athletes at all times.

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