As a foreigner, you’re probably asking yourself several questions. You do not want to commit to a country only for things to come that you may regret for the rest of your life. Not to take anything away from Turkey, it is a great challenge to settle in a new country. Still, that should not stop you from investing and growing your portfolio the world over. If you are an investor immigrant to Turkey, below are some of the questions you might want answers to.

Does the Turkish citizenship by investment have an expiry date?

Once you earn your citizenship by investment, that’s it. You will enjoy all the rights a Turkish citizen by birth does. At no point will you lose your citizenship as long as you live within the confines of the law. Some people opt to sell their investments and buy more. All these transactions won’t affect your citizenship. You will be free to transact as this builds the Turkish economy.

Am I free to transact with the invested amount any time after purchase?

The invested amount will be placed on hold for 3 years. Still, you can proceed with the processing for your citizenship as your amount matures. During the waiting period, you will be able to get your citizenship but won’t have the power to sell your property until three years are over.

Is there a minimum duration in which I must stay to get this citizenship by investment?

This is one of the reasons why citizenship by investment is cherished. You won’t have to stay for a certain period to get citizenship. This makes the option free from other restrictions most options of citizenship offer. You can therefore be assured of an easy time when going through this process.

What is the waiting period before getting my passport?

This is one of the most asked questions by foreigners. Every potential investor wants to know how long it will take to get Turkish citizenship. Well, we have an answer today. Your citizenship will be finalized immediately after you get your title deeds. For things to move faster, ensure you start the application process as soon as you get your ownership documents. That will fasten the process and you will wait for fewer days.

Waiting times can be frustrating sometimes. As time goes by, you will grow impatient and run frustrated. If it were to take years, you’d want to forget you ever applied. That is why you need to go the investment way. Once you invest and receive your ownership documents, you will get your citizenship there and then.

What happens to my spouse and dependents?

When making applications, you should do the same for your spouse and children. As long as the children are below 18 years, you can be sure they will become citizens through your investments. Once you’re confirmed, they’ll also receive their citizenship confirmations. There are no limitations for spouses and children. But, for dependents above 18 years, they’re treated separately from you. There are many more questions about investments in Turkey about citizenship acquisition. The above are the most common. Checkout for other questions.