SP Villafranca wins at home against Jerez (2-0)

This past Sunday morning, SP Villafranca beat Jerez 2-0 on the third day of the Third RFEF, showing an image of “great reliability” in a match where they were able to score more goals.

The yellows were much superior throughout the match, especially in the second half, and once again showed that there is a squad to be at the top this season.

A surprising Pavón once again showed that he has more than enough quality for this category, with his speed and dynamism. He scored the first goal in the first half.

In the second half, Baaqi, who is in great form, sealed the match with the second goal. The SP had more opportunities to extend the result, some very clear, like one by Josito after a great play by Julio Rengel, a decisive player when he comes off the bench due to his speed and stride.

The local goalkeeper, Paco, had practically no interventions throughout the match.

It is difficult to highlight players, since they all scored at great heights; For example, center half Kaara played a great game, in addition to other players who never fail, like Ricardo.

Federation Cup

Next Wednesday, at 8:30 p.m., SP Villafranca plays its first national Federation Cup tie against Puente Genil, with the aim of entering the Copa del Rey. To do so, they must win three single-match eliminatory rounds. The match is played at the municipal stadium and a great entrance is expected.

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