The CAPEX women’s team in a “very difficult” First Division match

Next Saturday the 15th, in the historic and remodeled Madrid stadium of Vallehermoso, one of the matches of the First Division of national athletics will be held.

The other three meetings with venues in Vigo, Elche and Lérida, where four clubs participate in each of them, completing the 16 teams in the category, fighting for the points that will ensure that on the final day they fight for the title and promotion to Division of Honor or avoid relegations.

«If in all facets of life it is difficult to reach a goal, it is even more difficult to stay there. And that is precisely the objective, if not the only one, the fundamental one of the CAPEX women’s team, which, although it has already made history in previous seasons competing in the First Division National League, it is no less true that it has not managed to establish itself in the category, like their teammates on the men’s team, who once gained the experience of the First Division, were able to successfully face promotion to the Honor Division,” explains CAPEX through a press release.

He explains, in turn, that the “expectations are high, because after the exhibition they put on in Burgos, winning the Spanish second division championship and being promoted to First Division, the team has become a true team that will surely give a lot of satisfaction.” to athletics fans inside and outside Extremadura.

Maintaining will not be easy, since in this quadrangular the ones we have to face are precisely the three teams from the Community of Madrid, which on the green court of Vallehermoso are going to be at home: Alcorcón, AD. Marathon and the AD Sprint. Given the level of the clubs, CAPEX will fight to climb a step and avoid fourth position.

To this end, the Villafranca club staff (which is still the smallest town that competes at the highest level) has been preparing to face the challenge and compensating for the losses, which always occur, with the addition of top-level athletes, trusting in the evolution of its staff, very young and with enormous projection.

With all this, the team led by José Ángel Rama and helped by Mari Carmen Aranda, will do its best to fight for each position and each point that CAPEX has transmitted to all national athletics as a team that from the track and from the stands fights and has fun with the League at the highest level.

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