The Jesús Despojado brotherhood of Cáceres regrets that the terraces were not built in their itinerary

Wednesday, April 5, 2023, 8:37 p.m.

The young brotherhood of Jesús Despojado, which paraded last Tuesday night through modern Cáceres, regrets in a statement that they had to change their planned itinerary as they were unable to access the Bishops’ area because the candles in several streets had not been raised. «Having passed the halfway point of the procession, the Local Police informs our Auxiliary Deputies of the impossibility of accessing the Obispo Segura Saéz and Obispo Ciriaco Benavente streets due to the failure to erect the terraces and candles by the hospitality establishments, which is why that the brotherhood decides to continue along Avenida de España to continue along Avenida de España to continue along San Pedro de Alcántara Street, although not of its own volition.

As explained in a press release, the Local Police had not processed the request for the removal of the nightstands by the corresponding body, something that they describe as “inadmissible” taking into account that they had given “sufficient notice required.” They show their discontent because these types of events take place during an Easter of International Tourist Interest.

This brotherhood is the youngest in the city. It debuted last year at the Cáceres festival and this 2023 it has modified its entire journey due to its change of canonical headquarters. The brotherhood has moved to Fátima, which is why Holy Week has arrived in this modern area of ​​the city. His passage is that of Our Father Jesus of Loyalty Stripped of His Vestments (work of Cordoban image makers Juan Jiménez and Pablo Porras, year 2021) and responds “to the canon of life-size image and complete anatomy, carved in real cedar wood , stuccoed and polychrome”, as the Holy Week guide explains. «Iconographically, the image represents the moment before his crucifixion, when upon arriving at Calvary the soldiers strip him of his clothes and distribute them to him by casting lots for his tunic and will be the central axis of a mystery that will be completed until it faithfully represents the tenth station of the Via Crucis)»

The brothers are dressed in a white twill tunic with bottle green buttons and a green circlet, a bottle green scapular and a white mask tied at shoulder height.

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