The women’s CAPEX will have to come back in the First Division

With an important organizational and sports management display, on its return to the First Division, on the day of last April 15, almost fifty athletes in Madrid, who defended each point and each position in search of the club’s sporting objectives marked for this season, which is none other than permanence and consolidation in the silver category of Spanish athletics.

With a squad with experienced athletes and other young women who were making their debut in the National Leagues, the women’s team appeared in Madrid to get the maximum possible points, with a complicated match with three teams that are competing for promotion to the Division of Honor, Alcorcón, AD Marathon and AD Sprint.

During the day, there were good performances but there were several injuries and casualties during the competition that caused several changes that led to a lower level and, therefore, not achieving the expected points. They finished the day in the relegation places. It will be time to row and improve in the coming days.

Victories were achieved in the 800 ml, with Miriam Guzmán and the 4×400 relay where the entire team was supporting until the end. A second place was also obtained in the 400 ml by Elisa Lorenzo.

The next day on May 6, they will face SG Pontevedra, Safor Teika and Cornellá.


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