Two medals and three finalists, spoils of the Capex athletes in the National U23 in Tarragona

The recently concluded Spanish U23 Championships in Tarragona showcased the immense talent and dedication of the young Capex athletes. Despite the challenges posed by the toughness of the competition, José Calderón and Gonzalo Lamborena emerged as outstanding athletes, securing silver and bronze medals respectively in their events.

José Calderón’s outstanding performance earned him the silver medal in the 400m, showing his exceptional skills and determination with a new MMP and Extremadura Record with 51’40 seconds.

Gonzalo Lamborena’s impressive performance of 13’86 seconds earned him the bronze medal, highlighting his strong skills in the 110m.

Other notable performances were those of the middle distance runners Barroso and Villalonga in the 800 ml with 5th and 6th place respectively. Also Rosalen’s 6th position in Pole.

In the 3,000 m. obstacles, Ridruejo finished in 12th position, and Villar 13th in the 100 ml.

For their part, the Tabares girls finished 21st in the 100 ml and 18th in the 200 ml, and Yagüe in the 100 mv. He finished in 24th position but with a personal best and a club record.

Capex has been among the 15 best teams in the country in this category, with more than 100 participating teams.

All of them have demonstrated their dedication to their sport and their commitment to excellence. Their success at the Spanish U23 Championships not only makes them personally proud, but also contributes to the overall success of Vilafranca sport in national competitions and shows the depth of talent within the country.

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