Unmitigated defeat of Alconchel against Villar del Rey

This Sunday, October 10, has not been a good day for the Alconchel Football Club senior team. Once again, it is empty from Villar del Rey (7-0) on the fourth day, with an unmitigated defeat that is making the players and the technical and management team reflect with a view to putting solutions on the table as soon as possible.

Those from Alconchel arrived in Villar del Rey with the firm intention of collecting their first piece and were unable to hunt anything, despite starting strong and eager to shoot. From the beginning of the match it was perceived that the locals were going to cause more than one headache, despite being a team that currently occupies the middle of the qualifying table.

In the 10th minute, the Alconchelero goalkeeper was shown a yellow card. Edgar Martin, for touching the ball with the hand outside the area; Seeing the same circumstance the previous day with the youth team, a different criterion from the referee was appreciated when applying the regulations.

A defensive mistake allowed Villar del Rey Industrial to debut their brand new digital scoreboard (minute 22), on a municipal artificial grass field, ‘Las Crucitas’, in which they have reportedly invested 400,000 euros with entirely municipal funds. In the 44th minute came the second goal for the locals.

After the break, in the second half the locals scored three more goals from corners (minutes 52, 55 and 77), which added to the goal from an own goal by Juan José Torrado (minute 61), they kept those from Alconchel away from a minimal possibility of coming back. There would be a seventh goal from Villar del Rey in the 82nd minute that would seal the match.

“The 7-0 says it all,” the Alconchel coach summarized to HOY Alconchel, José María Moreno Penguicha, ensuring that “except for the first half hour until Villar del Rey scored the first goal, the team held its own.” However, Moreno Penguicha points out that “there are many shortcomings in the group.”

As the Alconchel coach justifies, “this group is new, with players without experience in 11-a-side football, and today they had to play against a rival relegated from the Primera Extremadura and with players with a lot of experience.” This is why Moreno promises that they will calmly seek the best solutions for this project to take off as it deserves.


Roberto C. Antolín, Juan A. Domínguez (Carlos Becerra, minute 65), Alejandro Pardo, Alejandro Luengo, Francisco Cumplido (Raúl Méndez, minute 70), Miguel A. Santos, Alexis Santos, Yoel Vinagre, Carlos Esteban (Carlos García, minute 62), Ramón Romero (Mario Vara, minute 80), Juan C. Álvarez (Adrián Rodríguez, minute 75).




Edgar Martín, Víctor M. Gallardo (José A. Honorato, minute 40; Antonio Morilla, minute 65), Francisco Gracia (Miguel Á. Casas, minute 57), Javier López, Juan Santos, Francisco Núñez, Roberto Marín, Cristian González (Adrián Gudiño, minute 65), Alberto M. López (Roberto Cordón, minute 57), Juan J. Torrado, Samuel Torrado.

  • GOALS:
    1-0, Carlos Esteban (minute 22); 2-0, Alexis Santos (minute 44); 3-0, Miguel Á. Santos (minute 52); 4-0, Juan A. Domínguez (minute 55); 5-0 (own goal), Juan J. Torrado (minute 61); 6-0, Miguel Á. Santos (minute 77); 7-0, Carlos García (minute 82).

    Eduardo Caballero Tena, with assistants Manuel Campos de Castro-Freire and Mario Barroso López. The local Francisco Cumplido was shown a yellow card (53rd minute) and the visitors Edgar Martín (10th minute), Víctor M. Gallardo (30th minute), Juan J. Torrado (42nd minute), Juan Santos (53rd minute) and José A Honorato (minute 60).

    ‘Las Crucitas’ Municipal Field, made of artificial grass, in Villar del Rey. 100 spectators.

A legitimate chronicle

It is often said that victories have a hundred fathers and that defeats are orphans. In any sport like football, a sports report, in addition to reporting on how a match has gone and evaluating a result, is also legitimate to analyze the circumstances why, always in the opinion of the reporter, a team can do well or poorly. or worse. It is always something subjective, but it can also help to have an overall vision beyond what is seen from the bench or the locker room.

From the hyperlocal HOY Alconchel, the circumstance also arises that from now on this digital communication medium is made available to the Alconchel Football Club which, beyond evaluating each matchday and publishing the corresponding chronicle, also serves as a link with the fans, channeling their opinion and always looking for a way to motivate or encourage the players to achieve optimal results.

For this reason, it is totally legitimate and healthy that the chronicles do not deny the evidence, do not look the other way and highlight what in the eyes of the fans is being done wrong from a technical or managerial point of view, always without failing to do so. respect and with sportsmanship.

It is not about making firewood from the fallen tree, nor about deepening wounds… Because the closeness to reality of an entity like the Alconchel Football Club also makes it suffer with each defeat and celebrate with joy the victories they have. to come. And surely there will be some.

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