Investor Immigrant to Turkey

As a foreigner, you’re probably asking yourself several questions. You do not want to commit to a country only for things to come that you may regret for the rest of your life. Not to take anything away from Turkey, it is a great challenge to settle in a new country. Still, that should not stop you from investing and growing your portfolio the world over. If you are an investor immigrant to Turkey, below are some of the questions you might want answers to.

Does the Turkish citizenship by investment have an expiry date?

Once you earn your citizenship by investment, that’s it. You will enjoy all the rights a Turkish citizen by birth does. At no point will you lose your citizenship as long as you live within the confines of the law. Some people opt to sell their investments and buy more. All these transactions won’t affect your citizenship. You will be free to transact as this builds the Turkish economy.

Am I free to transact with the invested amount any time after purchase?

The invested amount will be placed on hold for 3 years. Still, you can proceed with the processing for your citizenship as your amount matures. During the waiting period, you will be able to get your citizenship but won’t have the power to sell your property until three years are over.

Is there a minimum duration in which I must stay to get this citizenship by investment?

This is one of the reasons why citizenship by investment is cherished. You won’t have to stay for a certain period to get citizenship. This makes the option free from other restrictions most options of citizenship offer. You can therefore be assured of an easy time when going through this process.

What is the waiting period before getting my passport?

This is one of the most asked questions by foreigners. Every potential investor wants to know how long it will take to get Turkish citizenship. Well, we have an answer today. Your citizenship will be finalized immediately after you get your title deeds. For things to move faster, ensure you start the application process as soon as you get your ownership documents. That will fasten the process and you will wait for fewer days.

Waiting times can be frustrating sometimes. As time goes by, you will grow impatient and run frustrated. If it were to take years, you’d want to forget you ever applied. That is why you need to go the investment way. Once you invest and receive your ownership documents, you will get your citizenship there and then.

What happens to my spouse and dependents?

When making applications, you should do the same for your spouse and children. As long as the children are below 18 years, you can be sure they will become citizens through your investments. Once you’re confirmed, they’ll also receive their citizenship confirmations. There are no limitations for spouses and children. But, for dependents above 18 years, they’re treated separately from you. There are many more questions about investments in Turkey about citizenship acquisition. The above are the most common. Checkout for other questions.

How to Help Your Small Business Grow With Good Credit

Everybody’s been saying how good credit can give an individual a lot of financial flexibility, especially when it comes to mortgages and loans. Most Americans are aware of the impact good credit can have on a person’s monetary status. But as not all have been a business owner, or at least someone who handles company finances, not many know about the impact good business credit has on a small firm. We will be discussing that particular topic here so read on, especially for small business owners and people thinking about going into business and find out about the benefits of good business credit.

Individuals can qualify easily for loans and other credit if they have awesome credit scores. That holds for businesses as well. Businesses with great credit scores are more likely to have approval on their loans than firms with less-than-stellar credit standing. They are more likely to receive it faster because good credit makes them less of a risk to creditors, who normally have to review every item in the application and credit history.

On top of that, you will have another benefit if you have good credit. Since your risk rating is lower when compared to firms with bad credit, you will be able to get comparatively better terms and deals on your mortgages and loans, as well as higher credit limits for your credit card. Financial institutions rarely see good credit as a sign that the business is a flight and bankruptcy risk, so they will offer lower rates and better payment options so they have more low-risk borrowers. These deals will save your company a lot of money, money that you can pool back to your investment to grow your company.

Financial institutions are not the only companies that will look favorably at your company if you have good business credit. Your suppliers will also view your firm as a good consumer, able to pay for any credit, and so they will be able to cut you a better deal than other companies they deal with. These other companies may potentially be your competitors so with the money you’re saving on these deals, you will be farther ahead than your competitors.

To sum it all up, your business credit score can potentially make or break your small business, since it will be the gauge by which financial institutions, creditors and other businesses will look at your business. If they see that extending your credit will be less of a risk for them, you will have access to more cash and resources than others and that will help your business grow and expand.

So take care of your credit. If you don’t have the most favorable credit standing, you should contact the highly-trained analysts of Blue Water Credit. We are the top Blue Water Credit – Los Angeles credit repair company, having years of experience in the business and with the top credit professionals in the area. Call us now at (916) 315-9190 or visit our website to schedule your consultation.

Skylight Installation: What You Should Consider

Skylights are, put simply, fixed windows attached to your roof. Skylights are often confused with roof windows, in that people often think they can open skylights like roof windows. Strictly speaking, skylights don’t open. It doesn’t help that there are conflicting opinions on what skylights and roof windows are, even among the professionals who have worked with them for years. They may be made of glass-like some roof windows and have ventilation structures set much like awning-style windows.

They may be thought of as a luxury by some homeowners, but for those whose houses are located in places with less than the normal amount of natural light filtering in, skylights are a necessity. They let in natural light from overhead, which is where most light sources are located, and make the interior of your house look less somber and much brighter and cheerful. Houses with skylights can also save on electricity bills by letting in light at noon and in the afternoon, reducing the usage of indoor lights and electricity. But as with all things structural in nature, there are a few things to think about when looking to install skylights.

Location is everything. There are a few conditions where the presence of skylights can be essential. In places where there isn’t much window room, skylights can be the difference between a brightly lit room and a dull, gloomy cavern. Large floor spaces underneath roofs could also benefit from a large amount of natural light brought in by skylights.

You will have almost as many options for skylights as you have for regular, wall-mounted windows. You have the normal option for clear and frosted glass skylight but in most cases, the clear option is better for letting in more light. It can be made from shatterproof glass, recommended since they would be at risk from falling debris. You can also go for multiple pane glass, reflective coatings if you don’t want to be visible from anybody looking down from above, and all the other options available for traditional windows. You can also install remote-controlled servos for venting if your skylight is located somewhere out of your reach.

There are drawbacks to skylights of course. Installing one is more expensive than mounting a traditional window. Also, if your skylight is not meant for egress (a way to escape), then you need to build an egress window, which could cost more money if you don’t have one beforehand.

Skylight installation can be done DIY, through a regular contractor or carpenter, or by a professional roofing contractor. Simple jobs can be done yourself, although your assessment of “simple” can be vastly different from what it is. If you’re not comfortable with even basic carpentry, then it would be best to hire a professional to do it. Regular contractors can do it under their experience and knowledge of structures alone. But for the best results, you should look for specially trained and certified roofers with knowledge and expertise specific to roofing and installing skylights. With years of experience and a heart for family, Watertite Company Inc. is one of the best skylights in Eastern Massachusetts. Take advantage of the benefits our highly-trained and experienced roofing experts can give you by going to and scheduling your consultation now.

The Switch to Alternative Energy Sources: Why Choose Solar?

While many are aware of the energy crisis that the planet is facing, few are doing something about it. Maybe they are justified in thinking that. Conventional energy sources rely on fossil fuels: crude oil, natural gas, and coal, along with their refined products and byproducts. These fuels are very efficient and can be converted into energy by relatively small machines. They are also very versatile since these machines, with minimal modification, can convert mechanical energy into other forms like electricity or heat. A small number of refined petroleum products can be used to make machines only about four cubic feet power an entire house for a long period. The drawback, however, is the amount of carbon dioxide burning these fossil fuels release into the air.

Why mention carbon dioxide at all? Because there is evidence that links the increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in the air with the increase in the Earth’s temperature. This phenomenon, called global warming, is widely believed to be the cause of climate change, where local and planetary weather patterns change, causing unusual meteorological phenomena to become quite common, one of them being an increase in the size, strength, and frequency of hurricanes.

Alternative sources of energy are dubbed “green” technology because they reduce carbon emissions. Many of them are being tapped today, like geothermal power, windmills, tidal generators, and solar panels. Each of them has its pros and cons but the one with the most potential to be the energy source of the future is solar technology. Here’s why.

Geothermal vents give off a lot of hot steam from inside the earth and we can tap this heat source to turn turbines that drive generators, producing electricity. However, geothermal vents can easily change with a shift in the Earth’s crust. When that happens, the vent loses heat and steam and loses its capacity to produce energy.

Windmills, meanwhile, require a lot of space to be efficient. They need to be in a sparsely populated and windy spot, mounted on a tall structure. This makes the ideal place for them to be very specific and only a few of these places have been identified.

Tidal generators are placed on the ocean floor on a place where ocean currents are powerful and fast enough to turn the turbine. Since the installation of these machines is extremely expensive, you will need to install a lot of them at a particular place to be cost-effective, meaning the return of investment is low and slow.

Solar panels are the most versatile of these alternative energy sources. They can be installed on the roof of a home, on the sides or roof of a building, on desert land, even mounted on a backpack. They have the most consistent power source, the sun. State and federal legislation may soon allow for more incentives for those who use solar power so that means there would be more savings for them. But the trump card is that anybody can use solar energy, with all the options the technology has to offer.

California is the leading state for solar tech development and use, and if you’re looking for the best solar companies in California, look no further than Soleeva. We serve the Bay Area and San Jose. Give us a visit at Soleeva now.

The Blaze New Media

Are you looking for promoting your business but don’t know how? Are you tired of wasting any more money on business promoting companies and are looking for more professional work? Then look no further, as we are about to tell you about the Blaze New Media that not only excels in promoting your online business, but also in gaining more traffic and generating sales.

What is Blaze New Media?

Blaze new media, is a California based online marketing agency, that not only helps you in promoting your business but also in generating more sales, gaining more traffic, increasing the audience, improving the number of clicks and authorization of a website. The Blaze new media include a group of experts that include the technical, analytical and creative skills that help in promoting an effective media marketing campaign.

Blaze new media services

To contact this agency, we need to know what services they provide to their clients based on digital media marketing. Based on their work, their services are mentioned as follows;

  • Content Marketing

Blaze new media offers a strategic content marketing approach that creates and distributes creative and valuable content, to attract a larger audience, increase the number of clicks, gain traffic, and to gain profit due to a lot of customer attraction in terms of business-related websites.

  • Pay per click

Blaze new media offers a pay per click advertising. It is a form of advertising where the advertisers pay each time a user clicks on their online ads. This helps in gaining more money on a website through ads.

  • Graphic Design

The company also provides the service of graphic designing to create a beautiful layout of your website. It helps in problem-solving and improving visual communication with your audience with the help of illustrations, layouts, templates, photos, and typography.

  • Website Design

Apart from graphic designing, it also provides its clients with website designing to design a website for their clients based on their needs and requirements. They add beautiful layouts, designs, templates, and attractive colors to enhance your website.

  • Copywriting

Blaze new media also provides you copywriting as a method to promote your content with the purpose of advertising

  • Reputation Management

Blaze new media helps in developing a positive reputation of your website and online business as reputation is one of the most important things to develop trust among the audience and to gain their attention towards it.

  • CRO

Blaze new media also provides CRO commonly known as the conversion rate optimization which is the increase in the percentage of the number of audiences visiting your website.

  • Analytics

The company also helps you in managing your online advertising Return on Investment along with improving your social networking sites and applications

  • Video Production

Blaze new media also helps its clients in producing online video content to promote your business. It is a kind of film making and most of the clients ask for it while promoting their businesses or online platforms.

A Reputable Credit Repair Company: Things You Need to Know

It is vital to have on your regular to-do-list to check your credit report and validate it for errors. If you’re somehow reluctant to do this, any errors found in your credit report could stay for years and lower your credit score. This, in turn, could be a bad thing for you, as this could affect your life activities in terms of your financial viability, such as applying for loans, paying rent and others. The next best thing to do is hire a credit repair service for help. But how do you find a good credit repair company?

A credit repair company reviews your reports in detail to identify potential mistakes and errors. They will look for mistakes in your credit history, duplicate accounts and expired negative items. If errors are found, they send it to the three credit reporting bureaus and work with them to determine if the item or items found erroneous should be removed from your credit report. 

Can a credit repair company help?

Before you decide whether you need professional credit repair, we will be honest with you that what the credit repair companies can do; you can do it on your own, at no cost. However, doing it on your own entails a lot of leg work, plus you may not have as much success making disputes yourself, which means negative information may remain and continue impacting your score. Hiring a professional credit repair service often increases your chances of success. 

So, the answer is a big YES! These companies employ attorneys that are licensed to work in many states and they fully understand the nuances of the trade and the law. Their experience will certainly help in addressing your credit report problems and look for ways within the boundaries of the law to find a solution. 

Here are signs that you’re dealing with a good credit repair company

A good credit repair company should:

1. Offer a free consultation. A reputable credit repair company will review your report and honestly tell you what it can and can’t do. It will tell you the process you will go through, like documentation you need to show, questions you need to answer, etc. 

2. Have a track record. It’s important that you know and validates the track record of credit repair companies. If they have a long-standing record of good company service without violations, they are more likely to be legitimate. 

3. Have an attorney on staff. A sound company should have Attorney-owned or -operated services that have at least one attorney working with them will make sure everything is done legally.

4. Explain your options. An honest company will tell you your options when your expectations are not achieved. It will direct you to the next possible steps you might want to take. 

5. Offer a performance warranty. A good company should offer a warranty on their performance that states they won’t charge you if they can’t remove a certain number of disputed items on the credit report.

6. Adhere to local laws. A good credit repair company is licensed, bonded and insured.

Now that we have cited the things a good credit repair company provides, we deemed it also beneficial that you know what illegitimate or scammers do:

1. Ask for payment upfront before they start any work or charge you for the initial consultation.

2. Request that you don’t contact the credit reporting companies directly.

3. Advise you to dispute information that’s accurate in your credit report.

4. Tell you to provide phony information on your applications for credit or a loan.

5. Forget to review your legal rights when they explain their services.

Be on alert for these things, it’s a sign they’re running a scam.

For any further assistance, please visit our website!